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first of all, i am not a gunsmith. i am however self employed; there are a lot of things common to all self employed people.

1. you have to find your own health insurance if you aren't covered by a spouse's policy.
2. you have to learn to lisen carefully the first time;customers do not have much confidence in someone who will not listen to them. it is very rude to want someone's business but not be willing to listen to what they want.
3. if your are not wealthy to start with, get used to lean times and really get know your banker. nothing is set in stone and the best laid plans can go awry. money is easy to borrow, seldom as easy to pay back.
4. your spouse really needs to understand the irregularity of a self employed persons income. the checks don't come every friday, etc.
5. do not do too much extra work which you do not get paid for, make that none. it is very tempting when you first start to do a little extra to impress a customer for a little good p.r.. the p.r. is that this guy is a fool and lets take advantage of him until he learns better. if you do it too much you go out of business or have customer base that is spoiled rotten, expect more and more for nothing.
6. customers will expect you to be a mind reader at times; goes to being a good listener.

could go on, but wife needs the computer, hope this helps.

mark r
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