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I have a few HKs and some Benelli/HK shotguns. DDifabio: In another post (Best Guns) you said you had a P7M7 .45...WOW that is like the HOLY GRAIL of HK firearms. Here in Honolulu there is an HK dealer (FYI.. he is a lunatic) who has a lot of rarities and protos. He is interesting but unpleasant to talk to. There was once a rumor that a P7M7 was for sale in Hawaii, and I got emails from many members at HKPRO asking if I knew the seller or had an inside track to the sale. I would very much be interested in hearing about it as it was my understanding that there were indeed 5 protos but HK owns them all and there are none in circulation. It is very cool to hear from someone who has seen one, much less owned one. Incredible! I will not bore you with my mundane assortment of common HK arms. :smile: Your PSG1 is also impressive. Edited twice as it is late and I be a terrorable shpellur

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