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I have an H&R model 929 .22lr 9 shot revolver that I would like to get to work properly. The problem is that it will only cause ignition in about 5-7 out of the 9 bullets [of ANY manufacurer/model/power] on the first time around.

This is the 'old' model, that has a slot in the frame that the spurred hammer actually drops through on its way to the cartridge. I have polished all of the surfaces to get any hesitation out, but it still does this. Do any of you have any suggestions?

The only thing I can think of [at this point: I have bought new guts and replaced them, but the 'new' worked worse than the old ones] is to find someone to build up the spur tip by about 1/16-1/8". This is only going to be a plinker, an around camp gun or range, so I am not too worried about doing this, I just don't know who to have do this so that the metal added doesn't just break off [or flatten, mushroom, etc] to the point it doesn't work any better than original.

I realize the safety concerns, and I would be VERY happy to carry this like a single action [no round under the hammer], as the sear lock safety isn't the most reliable. However, my goal is to get this pistol to fire every time I pull the trigger.

Please give me any and all advice you can.


jason S.

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You want advice?!?


Seriously, I had the NEF version for 1 whole day....it misfired, keyholed, was out of time, had a terrible trigger, also had a rough chamber or two that would cause sticky extraction. Back it went. Full refund price on a RamLine .22lr plastic gun that sucked as well, but not nearly so bad. Just light-strikes.

As Bill the cat would say...


Amen, Brother Bill!


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