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Stopped in at Adventure Sports in Edmonds, WA to drop off two guns for some minor work and couldn't pass up the opportunity to examine the TRS they had for sale. It was blued, and the serial # was 1299, IIRC.
Impressions: fit was tight, as expected. Not impossibly tight. It took a bit of effort to start the slide back. This to me is a sign of good barrel fit that will smooth out nicely and hold up well over time. My SVI .40 was this way new, and when I had a 10mm barrel fitted to it, it felt the same way. Several thousand rounds later through both barrels, the slide and barrels have *no* give to them, and the action is as smooth as glass. I have a full-house treatment colt delta elite that was also fitted this way, with similar results. I wasn't sure what I would think about the slim grips, but came away with a very favorable opinion. They work well with the checkering on the frontstrap and mainspring housing, allowing the meat of the hand to get closer to the checkering for a better, more secure grip into it. There were no sharp edges, and during tap-rack-ready drills the rear slide serrations felt good to the hand. My hand didn't make engagement with the serrations on the sides of the rear sight, but a slight change in hand angle and these would be somewhat effective. The TR logo and lettering on the slide wasn't as tacky as I thought it would be - I could live with it, although I prefer the look of the non TRS slides. The trigger was over 3 and less than 5 lbs, nice and crisp, with no perceptible creep. The barrel bushing was tighter than hand-tight (didn't take it apart). The mag well seemed to be beveled a bit more than most 1911's I've seen, IMO this is a good thing. The front sight appeared to be narrower most other 1911 tritium front sights - it seemed to be about .110". Didn't have my calipers with me, but I own 1911's with sights in .085", .100", .110", and .125", so I know it was narrower than .125" - IMO a good thing. I like the narrowest sight possible. IIRC, the tritium tubes didn't have white outlines, IMO another good thing.

All in all, I am very impressed with this gun, more so than I was expecting. I think that this gun is well worth the price. To make it perfect for me, it would need to be chromed and have an ambi safety.

Interestingly enough, there was also a new Colt stainless 1911 - the one with front slide serrations and imitation novak rear sight. It was tighter than most colt's, but not kimber or even springfield tight. The trigger was a little mushy, but again better than colt's usual past effort. They are still using the cheesy "enhanced" type beavertail that is not even as high as the baer or wilson beavertails.

For a little less than twice the price of the colt, the Baer is well more than twice the gun.


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