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I need help with my G20 I just converted to 9X23. Here's the story- I got all wrapped up in this 9X23 mania and bought a new Glck 20. I ordered a semi drop-in Barsto barrel...and, of course... it was a long way from fitting or at least beyond my abilities to fit this one. I sent G20 slide and barrel to Barsto to have them fit it to the slide. Got it all back today and loaded a new 10 round mag with 10 rounds of Winchester white box ammo.
As I loaded the mag, I noticed that the rounds started pointing upward out the top of the mag. The 10th round was just about to pop out of the mag and I seriously doubted the rounds would feed because of the drastic upward pointing of rounds. I did find out that I could actually put 13 rounds of 9X23 in, but I tried with just 10 rounds first in the gun. Stuck it in the gun and they would not feed at all. I found out that I could only load 4 rounds in the mag and have them feed into the chamber. Out of a box of 50 rounds, I had about six rounds that still wanted to hit the upper edge of the chamber and not feed with just four or less rounds loaded in a mag. The rounds that fed and went into the chamber did fine. So I guess I have a magazine problem. These are new 10 round G20 mags. What do you guys think?
Here's another thing I noticed. The end of a fired case has a different mark on the primer than I am used to seeing. There is the obvious normal mark or dent in the primer from the striker hitting the primer. But, there is also a rectangular external "bulge" that shows where apparently the primer surface expanded into the cutout area in the breech face area where the striker extends out of the breech face. Is this normal or is this an indication of some other problem?
After reading all the info I could find, I thought this G20 conversion to 9X23 was supposed to be a basic barrel swap. Others reported no problems whatsoever doing this. But my luck dictates that I must first struggle to achieve my goals. So, what have I got and what should I do with it? Any help would be appreciated.
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