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Heinie Sites

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I am getting some custom work on a BHP and have decided on Heinie sites. Old style over the slant pros but does anyone have any experience with the straight 8 over just getting the front site with tritium?

also any comments of slant pro over old style?
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I am a retailer and market sights by Novak and Heinie. Customer comments from both are very positive.

The night sight design depends on what you are accustomed to. Three most popular are three dot. Bar dot, and dot dot or the straigtht eight style.

Heinie appears to have a wider and deeper rear notch which allows more light and quicker acquisition of the front sight.

Novak three dot has been on my carry and issued duty SIG for 11 years and have served me faithfully through quite a few, shall I say, trying moments. I do not intend to change them anytime soon. I also have the Novaks on my backup P228 SIG for the same 11 years.

Mostly it will be your preference.
I have the old style Heinie's on my Hi Power, black on black. Terry is right -- the Heinie rear does have a very nice, deep and wide notch that really helps me pick up the front sight fast.

Plus, I think they look cool on the gun too! :cool:

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