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I'm not sure if this is the right category, but here goes:

Building my first 1911 style pistol from new parts (para gunsmith frame). Things going smoothly, minor fitting msh rails, radiusing jig for beavertail worked well. Now, fitting questions:

1. I can't fit the hammer strut pin in the hammer! Kuhnhausen specs the pin @ .096 -.001", hole @ .095 +.001. The text talks about staking the pin in place, once inserted, to prevent it rubbing the inside of the frame. I just can't get it in, and don't want to force it. (Using Cyl&Slide tactical hammer, Ed Brown pin). Any ideas?

2. I'm not happy with the grip safety trigger tab/trigger bow engagement (just barely touching). What with the vertical play of the trigger in the slide, I can wiggle it around and it slips by the safety tab, when safety is not depressed (obviously unnacceptable) I've thought about filing the bottom tabs of the safety, where it hits the msh, which would index the tab down some. However, that would make the raised safety stick out more. With my meaty hands, I'd prefer to have the bump protrude less, not more. I haven't filed anything yet.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, what a great site!
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