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I think the HK is a better offensive weapon, and the glocks are better defensive weapons.

With that said, I can't shoot my HK USP all that fast because the trigger reset is so long. The HK's are more accurate in general than my Glocks, and are better built.

But the Glocks do shoot, and they're simple and they work. I think recoil management is slightly better on a Glock also. No geegaws to fumble with - just aim n' shoot.

In .45 I might go for the HK as the thick glocks (20 and 21) feel a bit too bulky to me.

The USP compact has always been a good "pointer" for me - ie I point the gun at something and the sights are aligned.

HK accessories are overpriced. The same clip on flashlight for HK (made by the same people as the one for Glock) is about 100 bucks more than the Glock version. Mags cost more too.

Find someone who owns both and go shoot 'em. Then make up your mind.
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