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I'm no expert; and I don't play one on tv.
That said; I would start with a Colt series 70 or
earlier, base gun. The name is known to everyone, and
it has a certain panache.

I would have a handfitted Kart or Barsto barrel,tritium
adjustable sights, a reliability and trigger job, "combat"
safety-(not ambi), and the best "internals" money could buy.
It would have Wolfe springs throughout.

I would not opt for slide-top serrations, or
front strap serrations or checkering. A Brown Memory groove beaver tail
safety and Commander hammer would be installed.
Particular attention would be placed on the quality of the extractor and its adjustment. I would use Wilson, Pachmayer,
or Metal Form magazines.
It would be finished in either bright/polished blue or
Robar NP3.
It would be carried in an Alessi, Horseshoe, or Bladetech

Whew! The torch is now passed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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