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My family and I are eager to get out of California. I could use some help finding a new job. This has not been an easy
decision. I'm a fifth generation San Franciscan, and have many friends and
relatives here.

I'm hoping that someone in this forum can help me out. I'm assuming that most
of you will understand our frustration with California's anti self-defense
laws and general political silliness.

We are actively looking in two areas: Seattle, Wa and Lexington, Ky. I think
our family would be an asset to any community. We are hard working, patriotic,
good neighbors.

I am an experienced Java programmer. My resume can be found at:


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you can suggest any opportunities.

I'm grateful in advance for your help.


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I wish you good luck on your search for a job to get out of this place we call home. It is a dam shame that CA and other states like ours is taking the American way from our family and is taking our freedom. People are so busy working and spending most of their day on the freeway to notice what is going on in our state. Its not their fault, life is difficult at times. Take care.
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