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I'll try to keep this short.

I have a Colt GM XSE. I like it a lot and can actually shoot it pretty well. :smile:

I was looking at the American Shooter web site for the Rob Leatham lessons on shooting better. On proper grip technique he states that the right thumb should be resting on the thumb safety.

My problem is that if I do that the gun will not fire because my palm cannot fully depress the grip safety. The beavertail/tang(?) prevents my grip from staying high enough to reach the thumb safety (short fingers & thumbs).

So, I'm thinking that I should replace the grip safety for one with a more upswept beavertail. I swear this Colt one points at the ground. And what about an extended/wider thumb safety? What would it cost to have this work done?

I would appreciate input on this. Thanks in advance.


P.S. Moderator please feel free to move this if I have not posted to the proper forum.

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You have a common problem. I have always shot with my thumb on the safety and have to modify my grip safeties.

You can have your gunsmith remove metal where the grip safety contacts the back of the trigger bow until a small movement will disengage the grip safety, yet it will still block the trigger when not depressed. A grip safety with a "bump" at the bottom will help. That's why you see so many of that style.

Some people pin grip safeties in the fully depressed position since the grip safety is of undetermined usefulness. (It probably was useful when the old cavalry officers thumb-cocked their 1911's from condition two and couldn't keep their fingers off the trigger while doing so - give me a reason for the dang thing that makes sense.)

Before more drastic measures see what your gunsmith can do for you on this.

"Your aim in life is not worth anything if you don't pull the trigger."

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