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Greetings to all. I am hopeful someone can help me out. I have been shooting competitvely for about 20 years, and NEVER have I had some much trouble finding a good holster. I am a long time 1911 fan, and have bought quite a few holsters over the years, some from a couple of the folks I see here in this forum....

Recently I decided to start shooting some matches with a traditional DA. I had been using 1911's primarily, and shooting a few matches with a Glock. I bought a Beretta 92 Elite 2 to replace the Glock.

My problem is that I can't seem to find a holster I am happy with. Factory for the 92 are too tight due to the heavier slide on the Elite, and don't break in well. I had one built by a well known maker who said he could build to the Elite. It was entirely too loose on arrival. When I called to express my dislike, I was told that he had just built it to be loose on a 92 since he did not have a "dummy" of the Elite, and did not have access to an Elite. He apologized and refunded my money.

What I am looking for is a pancake style, similar to the Galco Concealable, that is IDPA approved.

Can anybody out there help me out?



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