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Hey Gunsmiths: Carry gun?

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I know you guys do great work building carry guns for the rest of us, but what do YOU carry? Details, please!

Wayne Miller
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I live in California and deemed to be too untrustworthy to carry also. I used to use the soap in a sock as my weapon of choice, but after reading about Surefire flashlights one flash stop rates I swithced. I now carry two flash lights tied together with an old shoe lace, and use them just like Bruce Lee. Of course when I am going into the badlands I also bring the soap in a sock as a backup.

Before anyone asks, the flashlight have a complete reliability job, carry melt, trigger(on/off button) job, and laser sight. Did I mention it has a black-t over hard chrome finish? I spoke to Lou Allessi about leather, and he said he is working on a desing for me (at least that is what I thought he said as he was laughing).
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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