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Hey Gunsmiths: Carry gun?

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I know you guys do great work building carry guns for the rest of us, but what do YOU carry? Details, please!

Wayne Miller
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Geeze Wayne I don't mean to ignore you!

My gun has Heinie's, black, .110 front ramp, Brown single or a BCP ambi, BarSto, and BCP ignition system and a solid long Vedecki. Bald front strap on one, serrated back...changing to the WAVE all around. Micarta grips made specifically to my specs by Hogue. Mild mag bevel...changing that soon too :grin: Colt recoil system, BCP grip safety and a good melt job. I have a Springfield, doing a Nowlin and Kimber up now. All the same except for finish. I prefer chrome and blue, but black park and Black T aren't bad either. Pretty much the same guns I build everyday.

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"Bar of Ivory Soap in a sock."
Now that has to be the funniest thing I have seen on the list! :lol:
I think Richard Should come clean!
OK, now we know Dick and George have been moonlighting :grin:

They are actually stand up comedians in another life! You guys are too funny. Good to see a few laughs around here!
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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