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Hi Power holster

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Hi all,
Wanted to get some opinions on a holster for my MKIII. I have an Alessi Talon+ for my Sigma and a Sparks Watch 6 for my S-A milspec. How about my HP?

What do you carry yours in? IWB makes sense for me to conceal well, but do any of you have an OWB that conceals equally as well? Super high ride or similar?

Thanks, -Coop
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On 2001-10-23 13:24, Coop de Ville wrote:
Hi all,
Wanted to get some opinions on a holster for my MKIII. I have ...... a Sparks Watch 6 for my S-A milspec. How about my HP?
A High Power will fit in most 1911 holsters, so it should work in your W6. I have used a Summer Special for a 1911 to carry an HP.
Thanks, I didn't even think of that. As Red would say, I'm a dumbass! It fits pretty good in the watch six. A tad of front to back play, but with a belt on, I think it'll be fine. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. -Coop
Coop de Ville - I'm awaiting delivery of a Watch Six, tell me what you think of yours.
A Johnston,

I got mine for an S-A milspec and I can't say enough good things about it. It is so thin and rides real flat against the back of my hip.

The mouth closes up after drawing, so reholstering is not easy (I think the website explains that). The horsehide is soft so the tightness of your belt will help determine how much force is required to draw.

It's very nice looking too. I got mine in black, but I bet the cordavan looks really nice. I also got the loops. If I could change something, I guess I'd get the Alessi clips, so that the belt style is less critical. I have to wear a 1.5" wilderness tactical belt because it's the only belt I own that's strong enough. My talon+ with the clip I can get away with wearing a dressier belt over it (What I really need to do is buy a nicer carry belt).

Other than that, it's an awesome holster. I'm 5'7" and 150lbs. and carry a fullsize comfortably in it... although it does get heavy after a while.

What make is yours for and let us know what you think when you get it. Turn around time was long for me, about 8-9 weeks IIRC.

What other holsters do you like for IWB or concealable OWB for 1911/1935 models. I am curious about which ones are really appreciated.

Regards, -Coop
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Coop de Ville - Thanks so much for the information. I should be getting the rig I ordered any day now. I can't wait. I ordered mine in Cordovan (I actually wanted it in natural/tan) for my Baer TR Special. The Watch Six will replace a Galco Royal Guard that has served me well for the last 2 years. For an IWB it looks like the Watch Six is going to be pretty hard to beat, but I hear great things about the Alessi/Burns GWH. What attracted me most to the Watch Six was the offset belt loops, they appear to be more concealable than the loops on a Summer Special, etc. For an OWB holster I have always liked the Bruce Nelson "Professional" style the best. You might give that one a try.
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