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Hi Power tuning help

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I recently got an FEG PJK-9HP that has 2 problems. One, it desperately needs a decent set of sights and two, The extractor needs tuning. The problem with the extractor is that the first hand chambered round will not - it gets stuck half way because the rim won't slide up properly until I give it a push. After the first round, it chambers the subsequent rounds fine although I did have one smokestack out of about 70 rounds fired. I figure that was also related to the extractor. What I need is info on detail stripping and tuning for the HP as this is the first one I've ever had. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I really want to cure this extractor problem myself if at all possible. Thanks.
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Thanks, Mr. Camp, for your very helpful advice. I've also posted this problem over at the fnhipower forum and you were kind enough to respond then, too. I have taken your advice and ordered some new magazines but I figure it'd be wise to have a backup contingency if they don't fix the problem. Thanks once again for you help and knowledge.
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