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Hello all,

I am attempting to educate myself about the important gunfighters of the past. Could some of you recommend some books on these folks?

I've read Applegate's book, ManHunter(a fictional novel about Frank Hamer), Askins' autobiography, and Bill Jordan's book.

I am trying to track down a copy of "I'm Frank Hamer" but, it appears to be out of print.


I have been studying gunfighters for the last 15 years, Frank Hammer was indeed a legendary Texas Ranger, if you have $175.00
for a signed copy with Frost and Jenkins
signatures go to http://dogbert.abebooks.com/abe/BookDetails?bi=97449217.
Good book, have fun..


JM sorry about the link above not working, they block them, use http://www.abebooks.com and run a search for I'm Frank Hammer.

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Other required reading should include:

Triggernometry, A Gallery of Gun Fighters by Eugene Cunningham.

In reprint at Barnes & Noble. Cunningham interviewed some of the old gun fighters, witnesses and researched actual written accounts. Included are Hickok, Earp, and Hardin.

A Rifleman Went to War by H. G. McBride.
Original Printing 1935 Small Arms Technical
Currently in Print 1987 Lancer Militaria(www.warbooks.com) McBride's WWI account of then modern battle tools to include an excellent commentary on the 1911.

Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting by Ed McGivern
1938 King Richardson Publishing

While not directly related to gun fighting, it should be in everyone's library.

And finally, don't forget No Second Place Winners by Bill Jordan.


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Thanks all for the recommendations.

Mr. DiFabio,

$175 for a book is little rich for the blood. I'm trying the interlibrary loan system.

Mr. Garret,

I'll track those books down. I've read McBride's book and Jordan's book.

Thanks again.
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