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don't even think about buying one, a friend of mine bought one when they first came out. the magnets do not hold strongly enough in race mode to retain the gun. he used to draw from the semi lock mode and the first time he drew from the surrender postion,as he gripped the gun, he knock the safety off,and pushed down on the lock bar, and the gun FIRED in the holster.luckly his holster positioned his muzzle away from his body, and the round inpacted about 3 inches from his right foot. He near as he can figure, when he came down on the gun from the surrender position, as he gripped the gun, he pushed down on the lock bar,which also knocked the safety off at the same time. he also pushed the gun down into the hoster, which forced his trigger to touch locking stud in the trigger guard, which fired the gun. He contacted hogue, and they blamed him, saying that he didnot adjust the holster properly. DON'T BUY THIS POS, get a ghost, cr speed, safariland, limcat, anything but a powerspeed.
btw, I never got the guts to ask him how it felt to have a muzzle blast sooo close to his nuts.(-:
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