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Holster for a CZ 75/85

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This is my first post on this form, I have been reading it for some time now. Anyway my question is who makes a good quality in the middle of the back holster for the CZ 75/85. Does Lou Alessi make such a item.
Thank You, and I would just like to say this is a very fine form.

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I have a shoulder holster from Falco Leather Holsters that I really like and the price is not bad at all.


I'm almost positive that Lou makes an MOB for the CZ-75. I don't know why it isn't listed at R F Holsters.

FIST (www.fist-inc.com) makes one. I've used his strong side holsters for CZ75, PCR, and USP and have been very happy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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