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I own a S&W 1076 and I need a holster for it.It is a heavy gun.Does anyone know of a good holster to use.I usely wear a IWB or shoulder holster.I tried a paddle holster and it felt like I was carrying a log on my hip.Any help would be appriciated.

The 1076 is a tough gun for paddle carry.
When I was first issued one I carried it for a week in the Desantis rig that came with it
(no offense intended Gene) it was not a good match for me. Next I ordered the Kramer MSP
Michigan State Police paddle holster and while it was very well made, the shape of the Smith led to an off balance feeling like the pistol was on the verge of falling, I used it for just over a year and learned to live/hate it.
I then found a local (unknown) maker at the IALEFI conference named Mark Garrity and I explained to Mark my issues and he came back with one of his Incognito models for the 1076
that equally distributes the weight of a heavy frame pistol quite nicely. Two months later I was issued a P228 as luck would have it, but I have continued to use the Ingnito for my Govt model pistols and my
N frame 629 Carry Comp.
If you would like Marks contact info send me an email and I will forward it to you.
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