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Ditto on training, the G-26 in an ankle rig and a 1911 strong side. I also carry a spare G-26 mag in my left front pants pocket every day. Also second the idea of body armor.

A #2 person watching you back is a must. An 18" 870 with 00 buck and a Surefire fore end is also a good idea.

Consider OC spray to get you out of situations where deadly force is not an option. Drunks etc.

While in the vehicle, I would consider having a pistol within easy reach to get you out of trouble. Laying on the seat next to you concealed by a magazine (paper) or something. This does not take the place of the carry guns. Granted, if you get rammed, as in HEAT, the gun is gone but you still have the belt and ankle pieces.

IF you have to draw from a seated vehicle, remember to sweep the muzzle of the pistol around the outside of the steering wheel. A straight up presentation may catch the muzzle on the rim and result in an AD/UD. See the Thunder Ranch site for some photos of what Clint teaches.

All that said, and maybe done, situational awareness and avoidance is the first rule of the day. Pass on a location if it does not "look" or "feel" right and come back later. Remember the first rule of law enforcement - at the end of the shift, you go home. ("Malone" Sean Connery - The Untouchables)

"Fifteen million isn't money. It's a motive with a universal adapter on it."
James Caan
"Way of the Gun"

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