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How hot reloads can be made to normal 45acp brass. My goal is to achieve 45super velocities. Is it possible? What stock pistols would be good choices in this case? HK USP?

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45 acp.................185 gr 07.6 gr AA#5 jams stock recoil spring
45 acp.................185 gr 10.2 gr AA#5 1100 fps 18,000psi
45 acp +P..............185 gr 10.8 gr AA#5 1200 fps 21,700 psi
45 Super...............185 gr 12.4 gr AA#5 1312 fps 28,000 cup
460 Rowland............185 gr 14.5 gr AA#5 1500 fps 38,800 cup
Easy extraction ...... 185 gr 15.0 gr AA#5 1550 fps 20 oz Patriot
Case stretch...........185 gr 15.2 gr AA#5 1770 fps 15 lb 98 Mauser
difficult extraction ..185 gr 16.0 gr AA#5 1850 fps 15 lb 98 Mauser
primer falls out ......185 gr 16.5 gr AA#5 1900 fps 15 lb 98 Mauser

Individually in 45 acp:
1) Para Ordanance P10 reached +P and gets recoil spring bind
2) Colt Commander reached 45 Super and I can go higher.
3) Patriot past 460 Rowland with 42 pound spring set.
4) 1903 Turkish Masuer 45acp has reached primer fall out.

I cannot find any difference in Starline 45 Super brass from any of many brands of regular 45 acp brass. The man at Starline tells me that the 45 Super and 460 Rowland brass are the same except for length. Anyway, I can go past 460 Rowland loads with 45acp brass. The Patriot and Mauser have very good chamber support. I would suggest you cross section your brass and put it in the barrel. Does the thin part of the case get exposed to the unsupported feed ramp area? If so, I would keep it down to the 45 Super and less loads.

I have used Power Pistol, AA#5, Unique, and Long Shot for 460 Rowland loads. I use CCI200 rifle primers.

I chambered the Masuer with a .469" straight reamer. This is the size brass comes out of a Lee carbide 45 acp die. That makes the rifle very accurate [.7" 3 shot groups at 100 yards], but does decrease the case volume. A chamber cut with a SAAMI compliant chamber reamer would have a larger volume and require more powder.

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