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Hi all,
I have a USP 45 Full Size (NOT the Tactical with adjustable sights) that I bought new from the store, and I have been noticing that it shoots a little to the right. I looked close and I can see that the factory installed rear sight, that is a press fit into the top of the slide, is NOT centered. It is to the right a little, which explains my groups being off. But I don't know the best way to move that over in a crontrolled way. I have heard there is a sight press that you can use, but I can't find one anywhere. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to either A) where I can find a press, or B) another good way to move it without just mashing it with a hammer?

I would suggest that you contact Brownells and purchase part# 694-310-000 the PI semi auto universal sight tool for $119.00 retail, this will allow you to adjust the fixed sights on most of your semi-auto pistols.

They also carry the universal Hesco press that is quite good, I use one for $590.00 retail 387-100-000.

For the least expensive route, you can pick up a set of plastic punches and gingerly tap the sight # 080-478-000 nylon front sight punch $4.26 and #080-475-002 supplied with one brass and one nylon screw in tip $2.80.

These are full retail prices, you may be able to qualify for dealer pricing if you own a business or have a tax id #.
Brownells http://www.brownells.com, 641-623-4000
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