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I just got one yesterday and shot it today. I got it for the guns' price - $300 delivered, cheap 9mm ammo prices, and because the grip just feels great to my hand. I got a Gen 3 with the light rail. Quality of construction seems on a par with Glock to me but I did have a few problems when I shot it today. I had the two mags provided and 100 rounds of Magtech 115 ball and 50 rounds of Magtech 115 HP. The magazines failed to lock back at least six times and happened to both mags. The most serious failure was an FTE that caused a double feed on the next to last mag fired. I'd heard about the FTE problem on HS2000 Talk but it seemed to be confined to cheap Wichester fodder from Walmart. I'm going to try another brand but am not sure what to do about the failures to slidelock on empty mags.
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