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My buddy was moving away and he left me a lot of stuff.

I was rummaging through everything when I saw a Glock Tupperware Box marked “Parts only”.

When I opened the big box and saw the Tupperware, I was thinking it had like a trigger/trigger bar, Connector, Guide rod and maybe some spare slide stops. Then I see a slide, a receiver, barrel mag release and virtually everything else and I thought, This is a nearly complete gun in pieces!!

The whole time I thought Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Hotel Delta! The slide was pristine but the grip looked like someone buried it in clay. Hahahaha

I proceeded to clean it up and assemble everything and it had almost all of the parts. My friend, an armorer, took a look at everything and said for me to clean each part thoroughly.

Turns out a broken Mag Release Spring was stuck in the channel. It was discovered after removing years of funk and debris.

I proceeded to use a pick and the thinnest needle nosed pliers I had, and Voila! Put it came.

Needless to say, I installed everything back in. I tested its function and test fired it.

Worked like a charm.

It needs new sights, and probably a new barrel.

But my box of ammo went through without a hitch.

All I replaced were the connector, slide lock and rear plate, in addition to the Mag release spring.

I posted the maiden voyage on my backyard range in Instagram. Definitely worked and it was on target. I was hitting my IDPA steel, Dueling tree and Arntzen 12 inch steel. I tried to make it fail by shooting some doubles and it ran like a charm.

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