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full size Custom Classic is. It's the bottom of the line Kimber and this gun is a pure tack driver, I hate that term, but it's true. I sold a Sig 220 and used the dough to purchase my Kimber. I've had two Sig 220's over the past 8 years and neither of them shot worth a damn. Both shot very low and to the left, and for years I thought it was me. That is, until I got the Kimber! My first 5 rounds were shot at 16 yards and just about all the holes touched each other, no less at the bulls-eye location. 300 rounds later, I just couldn't believe it, I was slamming steel hanging targets at 25 yards, one handed with ease. Fellows, I'm sold on the 1911, it feels so natural and I can't tell you how happy I am with my Kimber, right out of the box!!!

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