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I wish I could take back every penny......

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That I have ever spent on Glocks, Glock accessories, and ammo wasted trying to shoot the darned things. I just don't like em.
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Went through the FBI academy with a 99.5 % (missed 6 points of 1200 - 3 rounds) performance on the firearms QC using a Glock 22. They even encouraged me to pursue firearms instructor certification as I had all the makings of an excellent instructor.
I have received training elsewhere and have won several pistol matches with Glocks of all calibers.

No matter the additional training I may receive, there is nothing that is going to convince me that a Glock is worth half of the hype it receives. In my opinion, it is a second rate weapon.
The 99.5 was overall qualification score with Shotgun, MP5, and Glock 22. The Glock 22 was actually 2 misses or 99.3% of 600. Sorry for the incorrect numbers. My only other miss was with the MP5.

In any case, I was never able to shoot the PQC with any gun other than the Glock 22 but I definately shoot the 1911 better in competitive events as well as general shooting.

Some of the things I do NOT like about the glock:

1 Magazines. They do not always "drop free" especially in the finger groove models. When you need to reload quickly, you shouldn't have to look to make sure your magazine has actually fallen from the frame. I think much of this mag stickiness is due to some tolerance changes in the new design as well as some warpage/flexing of the grip section. The polymer material aroung the mag catch notch deforms and also provides opportunity for mags to stick. It is quite a chore to get the thing apart. The polymer on polymer also seems to have more friction than metal on metal. A serious combat weapon should have metal magazines and mag catches. This could easily be solved by placing a metal lining in the mag well rather than. The space you take in the frame could be saved on the thickness of the magazine.

2. Trigger. Although I have "learned" to "master" the glock trigger - one shouldn't have to "master" a trigger or "remaster" a trigger after going back and forth between weapons. The combination of the odd grip angle and the unique trigger pull require special techniques to get center hits consistently. I do NOT have this problem switching from Beretta to Sig to 1911.

3. Limpwristing and other assorted jams. I lump this in the category with triggers as the Glock requiring "special" techniques to operate. I have had significant trouble with Glocks jamming especially in calibers OTHER than 9mm. In real life, you may not always get your arms into a perfectly locked position. I think the combination of light/flexing frame and fairly heavy recoil springs contribute to the problem. I would say the Beretta and Sig come much closer to "perfection" in the area of feeding. The right 1911 will feed just as good as a Glock. Don't let anyone fool you into believing that Glocks are 100% reliable. Reliability is best with Beretta in my experience with the other three roughly second.

4. We had the luxury of being issued guns with Trijicon sites. STock Glock sights have no place on a combat weapon.

5. Ergonomics. I have already mentioned the odd grip angle. On top of that, the slide and frame are too BLOCKY. The trigger guard is about three times too big. It may be lighter but I find that a full size 1911 will conceal just as easily.

They do have a good reputation for being durable and I will give them that (even though the locking block in my issue gun went at about 2500 rounds and I have had more than 1 extractor failure on the model 21). Durability is important BUT as long as you maintain your weapon and your don't go into a 4000 round extended firefight - the Glock's durability is much less of an issue.

I am not going to go as far as to say they are trash but I would definately choose a 1911, Sig, Beretta, in that order, over a Glock. I think there are a lot of good ideas present in the design but the only thing Glock has on the 1911 is mag capacity and on the Sig and Beretta is first trigger pull. I admit that much of this is subjective.
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