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I wish I could take back every penny......

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That I have ever spent on Glocks, Glock accessories, and ammo wasted trying to shoot the darned things. I just don't like em.
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You listed several things that you spent money on, except what seems to me to be the most important in learning to shoot a weapons system: Training.

For example, for years my agency has issued Steyr Aug-P rifles for duty. For years I refused to carry the gun, opting for an 870 or an MP-5 for long gun carry. I felt the gun was clumsy, unusual, etc. I was sent to a firearms instructor's advanced training camp a few years back, and I was told that if I wanted to take the abbreviated Urban Rifle course by Thunder Ranch, I had to use the issued AUG.

Reluctantly, a co-worker and I took our AUGS, and we learned the weapon like our agency could never have taught us, and our guns ran like sewing machines, shooting like we were experts!

Just food for thought - every gun has its quirks, but I am sure that the Glocks you have could be unloaded to a willing buyer without much effort.

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Well, saving your pennies might be a good idea, because many people often do just that to get a 1911 that is as dependable as a stock Glock. Personally, I don't think that a reliable 1911 is worth 2 or 3 Glocks, but often they cost that much!

There is no "one gun" for everyone, but I know that when my agency was forced to go to the One Gun Fits All policy, and that gun was the Glock, our overall scores rose 15%, the malfunctions became almost nil, and no one seemed to mind carrying it. Each of these factors is a far cry from the previously issued S&W 6906.

James, if you don't like the Glock, that's OK, but the reasons you delineated previously all seem to be rather personal and up for debate. Just let me know what Glocks you have and how much you want for them, and I will contact a friend of mine who is in the market and pass along the info.

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Well put, Sir. I received a message from ShootingBuff tonight, which also relayed some very positive facts about his Glocks. Maybe he will share them with us.
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