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I wish I could take back every penny......

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That I have ever spent on Glocks, Glock accessories, and ammo wasted trying to shoot the darned things. I just don't like em.
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I've had drop-free problems with my fingergroove 19 that i don't have with my NFG 19. Next step is to take some 600 grit sandpaper and smooth/thin the mag sides a bit. This has worked for me.

I love my 19, because it may be THE most reliable Glock, which is saying a lot. Durable, relatively (compared to 1911's) inexpensive, lightwt, and easy to service. Neither Sig or Beretta has the # of armorers nationwide if something needs real work, though I love the feel of the Sig. Maybe if it were a dept. gun, and the dept. armorer kept it running, I'd like the Sig. They're in no way as durable, round for round, as the Glock, imo. Can you predict when something will break? I'd rather it be on round 50,000 than 5,000.

I love the 1911. I have room in my heart for both, and my waistband too! If I had to carry a duty-sized gun other than the 1911, unconcealed, it would probably be the Beretta Elite, but if I'm gonna carry concealed a 36oz+ gun, it will be a 1911. Otherwise, if weight matters and the weather sucks, the G19 gets the nod. I don't shoot it as well as I do the 1911, but I do well enough, and feel confident with it. My 2 cents. I'll keep both.
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