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OK guys, John and I didn’t get to go. Let’s hear how it went. The good, the bad and the ugly.

AF Shooting Team

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Here are some quick results:
CDP- Won by Rob Leatham, easily, 145.57
1st Master-Greg Martin, 165.2
2nd Tom Carpenter, 169.61
3rd John Shaw, 170.73

ESP- Won by Scott Warren, FBI, 163.19
1st Master- Michael Voight, 165.21
2nd D.R. Middlebrooks, 165.97
3rd Larry Vickers, 166.66

SSP- Won by David Sevigny, 145.54
1st Master- Ernie Langdon, 157.35
2nd Rob Haught, 164.21
3rd Tom Yost, 168.81

SSR- Alex Zimmerman way out front at 184.84

High Lady- Sara Dunivin, 217.54

ESP was very tightly contested, and was very close down to about 10th place.

Match ran pretty smoothly, despite a brief rain delay on Friday. A real gully washer hit but subsided very quickly, only causing a 1.5 hour delay in the afternoon. 350 shooters put through 16 stages, about 200 rds each.
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