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I Ordered from YRS, INC an IMI Kidon Pistol Conversion (USA compliant).

I have an SBA Tactical SBA3 Pistol Brace (BOUGHT SEPARATELY) that I attached to the Kidon.

It slides into the Kidon onto a rail. It is secured by a flap type lock, which seems pretty ingenious.

You need a specific adapter for each pistol for this to work. There are over 100 pistols it works with, as long as it has a rail.

The kit had a bag, tool, bungee sling, the adapter, and flip up sights.

The front muzzle looking device, moves forward and off.

I think I’d need to take off the inner sleeve of the IMI Kidon Pistol Conversion to make it Suppressor ready with the size of my particular can.

It has an angled Fore end, top and side Picatinny rails. The brace adjusts in 5 positions.

I took a while to adjust fit. You have to adjust the flash hider, rail tension, rear adapter, pistol brace, and bolt handle.

Feels amazing and it’s more solid than a CAA Gear Micro Roni by severalfold.


Worked like a charm. I brought my tool to tweak it. I have it running perfectly.

It was very solid.

Just showing the interchangeable nature of the Kidon and the comparison between a CAA Gear Micro Roni and a IMI Kidon Pistol Conversion .

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