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Installing Barrel Cam

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How hard is it to install a barrel cam in a Hi Power frame? So far I have only found Hi Power frames without the cam. I have found prices to install the cam between $100 and $160. Is special equipment needed. I have access to a press (for pressing wheel bearings). Any step by step info or knowledge is appreciated. Thanks.
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How much are the frames without the cam's? I may be able to help you. Thanks, GTO
So far the best deal I have found is a stripped FN Hi Power frame that supposedly has not ever been assembled for $120 plus shipping. This seems pretty good, but considering that to have the cam installed it will cost shipping to and from plus $100 to install it, I'll be spending $250 to have a bare frame with cam. It would be nice because it would all be new, but I can get a used Hi Power for $279. Since my plan is to build (or re-build) a custom Hi power it seems almost impossible to do it as cheaply with a new frame as with a used complete pistol. Let me know if you can help.
10mm, I would go with the used HP, then you would have most of the parts you want and can refinish them to like new. I Just bought a frame with cam for $85 and think he has one more, a 1979. I'll let you know what it looks like in a week or so.
Let me know about the frame with cam when you find out. I'll probably buy the used one as well, but I would like to have a frame with cam. I live in MD where it is increasingly difficult to buy handguns, so I'd like to have receivers and such on hand so I can build custom pistols for myself as time, and finances, permit. Thanks.
Ok, I'll let you know, read this tread in a week or so. GTO
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