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IPSC or IDPA, What do you shoot? Pros and Cons?

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While I've done a few IDPA matches I'm a dyed in the wool IPSC shooter. I know IPSC doesn't require tactics but I want to shoot more than 40 rds per match. Heck, I've shot some 40 rd stages! Would it hurt the training value of the match to shoot more even though a high round count isn't likely in the real world? I do see the IDPA rational but it really does seem to me that as long as a timer is running it's a game. Tactics take time and usually the most tactically sound solution takes the longest. I'm not knocking IDPA at all, just interested in everyone's opinion.
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Thanks for the replies so far. As was previously stated both IPSC and IDPA are fun and challenging. I do love the speed and gamesmanship of IPSC. There's nothing quite like a gun and run field course with a 21 shot limited gun! That said I also shoot "tactical" 3 gun matches and have done a couple of defensive pistol training courses to help prepare for real world defensive carry. Shootingbuff, I hate that you got into that snobish crowd. There are some great folks in the IPSC world that are fun to be around. One sure way to get their respect though... kick a little tail at their next match!
I may well do some IDPA soon. You guys have a point, why not do both! There is one other IPSC pro though, 3 gun!!!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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