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Ever wanted more of the good life and things that go with it? Fast cars, money, etc? For me at the moment, Id be happy with a custom handgun, but would also like a Porsche :wink: Like everything in life, you have to work to attain goals. Hard work doesnt bother me one bit, hell, ive been working hard all my life. After im done with school, things will get better and I will succeed, but like all people, id like it to be now. Everyday, Id go window shopping looking at things I will have as soon as I have money. Nice clothes, a nice car, house and someday a family. About the only thing I have to my name right now are my guns and a car and thats about it. I dont think I waste money on guns because I enjoy them. I take real good care of anything I own. I figure I have about another 2 years before I can live comfortably. All around me and everywhere I look, there are things that keep me motivated to strive harder. Like the guy with the card board sign or the 40 year old guy working at Dennys or the guy who dropped out of school working at the gas station. These people have had misfortunes and made mistakes. These people give me a damn good reason to get off my ass and work harder. I dont want to end up like them or worse, I want to be better. I will never be satisfied with what I have because I know that I can always do better. Some people just accept things as what they are and leave it at that. Like Brooks and Dunn, thats no way to go....I will have that nice car, house, gun etc because Id rather die trying than to settle for less.
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