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J. Purdey & Sons, ever handled one?

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I am a pretty casual skeet shooter. I have shot some trap. I don't hunt or bird. I shoot a Perazzi that was given to me and have a Benelli as well as some tactical shotguns. So my girlfriend comes home tonight and tells me her companies parent bought some gun company. J. Purdey and Sons. She asks "Do I want one? Because she is now entitled to 40% off the retail prices." Now if you give me 40% off a Ferrari I still can't afford it, but at least its something. Any thoughts or anecdotes or experience with Purdey guns? I would love to hear them. Probably will not be able to aqquire one for a few years, and really have no use for one, but its never stopped me before :smile: Even the Perazzi's price is going to look pretty minute in comparison I assume. I guess I will need to actually buy an issue of Double Gun Journal.


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Wow, nice opportunity. Can we join your extended family for the same discount? Purdey's are great!

You already may know but if you have double gun questions, there's another great board dedicated to fine doubles.

Yes, they're expensive but if I had the opportunity to try and buy an "entry level" Ferrari, it's still a Ferrari!!

Take Mr. Cosby's very generous offer and ask a lot of questions of him. There's a lot to learn and know about doubles and I'm only a rookie -- but I do have a couple of sxs doubles and they're great (no, not Purdey's)!

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