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J. Purdey & Sons, ever handled one?

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I am a pretty casual skeet shooter. I have shot some trap. I don't hunt or bird. I shoot a Perazzi that was given to me and have a Benelli as well as some tactical shotguns. So my girlfriend comes home tonight and tells me her companies parent bought some gun company. J. Purdey and Sons. She asks "Do I want one? Because she is now entitled to 40% off the retail prices." Now if you give me 40% off a Ferrari I still can't afford it, but at least its something. Any thoughts or anecdotes or experience with Purdey guns? I would love to hear them. Probably will not be able to aqquire one for a few years, and really have no use for one, but its never stopped me before :smile: Even the Perazzi's price is going to look pretty minute in comparison I assume. I guess I will need to actually buy an issue of Double Gun Journal.


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I have a fair amount of experience with English Best Guns. If you are serious about acquiring a Purdey and have any questions, please E-mail me or send a Private Message on this board.

I think Dane will vouch for my bona fides.

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