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Just took delivery of a standard Kimber "Classic Custom". I had exercised some of my feeble pistolsmithing skills on the pistol, then took John Jardines offer of making it "right".

This was a real simple project for John, all i told him was to "make it right" and gave him some very loose specs on parts, but thats it.

Any how, here are some details:
1- Accuracy job (this includes match bushing, welding of barrel &refitting etc..)

2- Reliabilty tune (this includes tuning of 2 extractors, 2 slide stops*at my request*, truing/tuning of breech face, tuning of all critical parts/areas of pistol etc.)

3- Action tune, 3.5 lbs, kept the MIM hammer and sear, they were fine. replaced disconector.

4- Valtro grip safety (similar to brown)

5- Valtro trigger (similar to videcki)

6- Valtro 30 lpi flat mainspring housing

7- Heinie slant pro's

8- flare ejection port (i had boogerd it up)

9- Dehorn

10- weld plunger tube *note* he first runs a small mill on the frame to allow for deep weld joint etc..

11- standard type guide plug/cap

12- matte black oxide

Let me first state that upon opening the package i noticed the most thorough, well done, carry bevel ive seen. Upon picking the pistol up i realized that it actually felt different when you "run" your hands over it. EVERY edge that needs it is thoroughly beveled or rolled. Its heavier than i am used to, but i really like it and woudlnt have it any different.

I also noticed that John had welded up the thumb safety and put a proper detent in, as it was somewhat out of spec.

Another thing that was a nice surprise was the flattend slide stop pin and bevel in the frame, As well as the proper indexing of the grip screws etc....

So far, im very pleased, time to go shoot. Will add a follow up this afternoon after i shoot it. (im sure it will run well, as John shot 800+ rounds through it without a hiccup).

See ya soon... Matt. here is a photo (if photopoint is working, if not iwill post a link.

http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1 ... 0&res=high

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