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Yes, I have experience with Jim Boland. Back in the late 80s I sent him two mil spec Springfield Armory M1911s and a deposit of $1000 to build me a pair of IPSC guns. Waited 18 months and never heard a word. He was consistently hard to get a hold of (at his shop phone #). He never delivered. At close to the 2 year mark I started to try to get my money and guns back. No calls back, nothing. Finally, I got a call from one Roger Bear, who apparently had become Boland's business partner. To his credit, Roger got me my guns and $500 back. I never did get the other $500. Being in the USMC at the time, I had since moved from California, so taking him into small claims court to recover the $500 was not practical. My recommendation: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.
Bill Go
LtCol USMC (Ret)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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