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Jim Garthwaite

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Haven't heard enough about this talented smith on the board. I had this Series 70 combat commander done about a year ago. Pretty much full house conversion with all work performed impeccably. I don't recall ever having a single malfunction with this pistol and accurcay is on par with a bullseye piece. Pistol is still a little dirty from the range, so don't mind that! My next semi auto projects are a Delta Elite by Larry Vickers, HP by Kurt Wickmann and maybe a Kimber by Dane.
http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1 ... p=46320070
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That is my favorite you have posted so far...

Keep those pics coming. :smile:

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Nice gun, I did have the opportunity to shoot John Lysak's Garthwaite .40S&W 1911 @ 25 yards for groups and it was very well made and my inital impression was that accuracy was excellent.
I have not owned a Garthwaite yet, if anyone wants to sell me one...
I agree that Jim is one of the finest smiths around. Here's a pic of my main carry gun. It's a lightweight commander slide on a lightweight officer's frame. It runs flawlessly and shoot's 1 3/8" at 25 yards from a rest.

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Great Guy, Great Guns, Great Service.

This is a place you DEFINATELY get what you pay for. He aint cheap, but Nothing good is.

Hey blinder, that guns looks just like mine, remember the Gun Spot contest?? :smile:

Yep. Jim does a very nice job. Just look at the checkering. I want to have him do a ltwt commander sometime as well.
I do remember the contest and I must say you have excellent taste in guns. Jim's building me a 9mm 1911 right now and I can't wait to see it.
I have 2 Garthwaite pistols so I feel qualified to comment on Jim's work.

He built me a full house Colt Stainless Govt Model .45 years ago and I just got an extensively modified Hi Power a few weeks ago.

Jim does excellent work at what I feel are very reasonable prices - I got very good turn around also on my two pieces so I'm not sure what the current wait is.

I said it over at the 1911 Forum - If your a serious 1911 guy and you don't have a Garthwaite your wrong. He is probably the Number 1 1911 smith in the country when you factor in price, quality, and delivery.

I'll put my 1911 work up to anyones but I only get high marks in 1 catagory- quality.
My prices are very expensive and soon to be even more so and I'm totally backed up with work. Also. I don't do Hi-Powers.

Do yourself a favor and give Jim a call.
Is there a we-site for Mr. Garthwaites' services?

Whazamatta gyp_c, forgot the BB code? :wink:

Jim Garthwaite's web site is here


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No...I'm goin' to be shy for a while...Considering my recent faux-pas, I must restrain my enthusiasm!
I actually lost his web-site addy, somehow?
Does build a nice Browning doesn't he?




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Google -- it's a good thing. :wink:

Hi All!

I'm expecting my Hi Power back from Mr. Garthwaite in 2-3 weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out.
GrandmasterB, you won't be disappointed. Jim does great work!!!
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