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JLD hi-power

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Saw an ad for these JLD hi-powers. I think they be Argentinian? Anyone know anyting about them?

They come in blue and there is a plated version with gold appointments. Tell me more you forum members.

Mountain Man
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Hello. You've got me on this one! I know nothing of these HPs. Hopefully, someone else can enlighten us.


I *believe* that JLD (www.jldenter.com) is just "gussing" up the FM HPs.

From my understanding, the FMs are the only licensed clones. In theory that should me that parts are interchangable. In theory that is.

I know one of my local shops as FMs for $203, but those have the left hand side only miniscule safety. That's no big deal since that can be swapped out for a nominal charge. The finish on those FMs can be termed as painted on! The trigger broke a little heavy, but a nice shine and smooth SA 17 round mag *should* help the trigger pull a bit.

For a beater 9mm, I have heard that the FMs are a great steal and some folks use those as a foundation for a project gun. Over on TFL there's a guy who had a frame crack with only 5k rounds through his FM.

That detective 4" model on jdl's site sure is a good looking little pistol!

Century Arms (www.centuryarms.com) has the Arcus 94s available in SA, compact and double action models too. :eek:

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