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Just Don't tell the Wife ;-)

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Well after lurking this site for a while and having been a member for a few days. I've sniffed too much gun "crack" and I'm addicted. I'll be shipping my recently purchased Wilson CQB to Dane tomorrow for him to do that voodoo that he does :smile:
I'll go back to shooting my Kimber or maybe I'll keep an eye for an Orphaned BCP(Is my wife looking over my shoulder, whew good thing :wink: ), in the mean time.

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My children thank you :grin: My children's children will thank you :lol:

I'll think about you (and he rest of the list) as I pull the trigger on that 50" buff in Tanzania next year....screw the kids, I'm going to spend every dime!

OK, to be honest, I'll spend every dime my wife gives me and I'll be lucky to go deer hunting this year or next :grin:

But I do appreciate the support of ALL my customers and the list. It is quite an honor.

Life is good @ BCP!

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Life is good @ BCP!
Damn right "Life is good!"

I'm conscious of that every day. How great to have the important stuff.

For me that means my own business that pays the bills, a wife who is low maintenance and a great partner, lots of interests that I'm passionate about, good friends, good health, parents who made it to their 90's, a house that's paid for, Bush in the White House, Rush on the radio, the right to keep and bear arms and reliable, accurate pistols.

There's an old saying that you must "appreciate what you have before the universe will give you any more."
Well said tonerguy!
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