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Hi all,
I've been trying to fix a problem with two of my 1911's for some time now. My Les Baer Conept VII (Commander size) and my Kimber Classic both will occasionally lock open with rounds remaining in the magazine.

I carefully filed the internal surface of the slide stop on the Les Baer, and it ran great for about 400 rounds, but the other day, I shot a box through it and it had one of these malfunctions again.

I replaced the slide stop on my Kimber with a standard Wilson unit (not the "Bulletproof")but it locked back again the last time I shot it.

I examined the Kimber after it's last malfuncton, and noticed that the slide was indeed locked back by the slide stop. In addition, the top round in the magazine was forward in the magazine about 1/2", and I feel that it likely hit the slide stop.

As far as the Baer is concerned, the only really abnormal thing I can see is that the Plunger that applies pressure to the rear of the slide stop is VERY strong, so much so that I have to use a tool to depress it in order to reinstall the slide stop into the frame. Could this be a cause of the trouble in the Baer?

I am at a loss as to how to fix this. I have three other 1911's that don't (and never have) exhibited this problem, including the Springfield Std. Loaded that I shoot predominantly, a Colt 1991 Stainless, and a Para-Ordnance P-13. Therefore, I don't think that it is due to my shooting style. In addition, I am using Wilson Combat #47D 8 round magazines, which work well with the three other 1911's mentioned earlier.

Could this problem be due to a weak magazine spring? Should I order some Wolff exra power mag springs?

In addition, the Kimber has the Standard 16lb. factory recoil spring, and the Les Baer has a 22lb. Wolff Conventional spring. I have a 24lb conventional that I am thinking of trying in the Baer (Baer uses a 24lb Variable in their Commanche size guns now, but the one that came with mine was no more than 18lb.), but don't know if it would have any affect.

I really don't want to send the guns off if it is as small a matter as mag or recoil springs, but I want to fix this problem. I have almost $2000.00 invested in these two guns and I trust neither.

Thanks for all the help.

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