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Kimber for CCW and IPSC shooting???

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Looking at the previous posts, I need advice on a 1911 that will double as CCW and IPSC piece. I have looked very closely at the Pro CDP, Pro Carry HD, Compact, and the Pro Eclipse II. I have decided on Kimber this time, at least I know the brand I am getting this go round. Thanks for advice.
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How about a Custom Classic? I carry one 10 hrs a day 5 days a week in an Alessi GWH holster. It is very comfortable. I really don't notice the weight difference between the Classic and my Pro Carry.

You will want a steel framed gun if you are going to shoot the pistol a lot. If you are going with a steel frame gun, then the weight savings isn't much between the 4" and 5" pistols.

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I carry a Classic Stainless and it does quite well in IDPA. Like JM said, once we are talking steel, there isn't much difference between a 4" and a 5".
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