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Hello all.

I recently bought a Kimber Platinum .22lr conversion for use on one of my 1911 pistols.

The unit's accuracy is OK, but not match grade, of course and it's been exceptionally reliable.

The problem is that with the rear adj sight all the way down, the POI is still 3 or 4" above the POA @ 15 yards.

The rear sight could be filed down a bit, but
the rear notch is shallow enough as it is so I prefer to replace the front sight if possible with one that is higher.

The existing front sight, from its tallest point to the bottom of the base is 0.25."

I've been to Brownell's and found a blank that is higher and meant to be dovetailed in, but can find no information if it will work in the Kimber dovetailed front sight notch.

If any of you know, I'd sure like to hear it.

I contacted Kimber and they were most polite and helpful, but advised that the existing sight on my conversion is the tallest that they make. They did offer to replace the unit if I'd mail it in, but I like this one as it works, feeds, etc. Just need to drift out the front sight and replace with a higher one.

That brings up another question: The slide on the conversion is an aluminum alloy. Do any of you know if the aluminum involved will cause any particular problems in this little project?

Any advice or recommendation is appreciated and I thank you in advance.


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Dawson Precision either can, or soon will be able to make any height front sight you require for your Kimber conversion. The dovetail is the same (I think) as the centerfire. It will be of the fiber optic type (get the "miss small" size). Dave will be able to figure out what height sight you need if you send him a test target. When you get tired of "so-so" accuracy with the Kimber unit, sell it and buy the Marvel unit at Marvelprod.com . It is as reliable as it is accurate. Mine shoots .615" ten shot groups at 50 yards! After a couple hundred rounds, the darn thing works and works with subsonic Eley, no less.
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