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Kimber Sight Failure Revisited.

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All 3 of the Trit. vials on the "Elite Carry" Compact I own have been dead for a good while. Debated about just going with Novak's or Heinie's but decided to see what they would do with a 4 yr.+ gun.
Went out last Thurs. 10/27, late in the day & arr'd back this Tues. @ Noon. R/R'd all 3 incl. sights @ NC/No Ques.
Will see if these last more like they should
as vials look more aggressively sealed in?-
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Well, since Kimber uses Meprolight and Meprolight has always had a 12 year warranty on illumination, that doesn't suprise me. Plus, I have always been pleased with the quality of service I get from Kimber. I have just had a few complaints regarding the friendliness of their customer service reps. But they are in Yonkers, NY and I am in TN...maybe it is just a North/South thing...
Meprolights are notorious for such things. Tritium is a radioactive gas and has app. a 12 year half-life. Therefore it WILL go dead eventually. PT Night Sights now offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the tritium to the original purchaser. They are far better looking (both at night AND during the day) than Trijicons or Meprolights because they use a white PVC sleeve around their tritium vials. We've got 'em for cheaper than retail - give me a call! 800-397-9530

Bryan Dugger
Sprinco USA
Another failure - Front night site on PRO CDP died after approx 300 rds of standard ammo.

Anyone suggestions on the quickest way to get a turn-around on the warranty?

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