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On 2001-04-20 03:24, Ken Cook wrote:

One word of advice though.
Carry hardball ammo in your pistol. Over time, some HP rounds (depending on bullet geometry) can literally gouge a groove in the feed ramp and trash your frame.
Use hardball and you'll never have to worry about it.
(Lead SWCs are fine also)
I'd agree with most of this, but would advise that you practice with hardball, after select a reliable defensive HP load that will work in your particular gun. Determining that load would include accuracy, function, and of course not damaging the feed ramp!

Personally, I am more comfortable carrying HP's in a defensive role than FMJ. Once I find a load I am comfortable with (300 rounds minimum), I usually buy a box or 2 per year, shooting it up after 6 months & buying more for carry.
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