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I have owned several of the base model Kimbers, several of the "Custom Shop" pistols, and 2 of those damnable polymer hi-cap things.

The base models have been mistreated, while the "Custom" guns treated with greater care, the hi-cap things are long gone. Without question, the base model pistols outperform the "custom" ones...in the shooting I have done. The Gold Combat is a nice pistol, but in all honesty, it would have a new home in a heartbeat if someone offered me near what I paid for it.

The counter to this is Burns' pistols. Only way I would sell one is if it brought in enough cash to have him build me 2 more :grin:

I probably sound like a street preacher, but take it from the original cheap bastard...if you are going to own 1 1911, get your hands on one from Burns, Heinie or Vickers. I know there are Wilson fans here, and Les fans, etc., but the difference really is there.
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