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Kevin and I started an informal organization, the Church of Tactical Truth, also known as the CTT.
The CTT is a kind of satire on the tactical community, although it has its serious side too.

Every year the CTT hosts a festival called Knifegnugen, which allows kindred spirits to get together and play with guns and knives all weekend. The best part are the prizes! Last year we had over $4,500 worth of prizes given. COOL, eh?

This year, Knifegnugen will start on Thursday, October 4th with knife games and other events and classes like stick fighting with Wendle Canete and knife fighting with Kevin.
There will be an airsoft war that will test your sniper skills.
Then there will be two exciting days of shooting competitions of all kinds.
On Saturday night, we have a live band play while we relax around a huge bon fire to eat, talk and dance. We polish off the evening with an awards cerimony and present the Warrior of the Year Award (WOTY) to the person who has accumulated the most points from the various games.

If you would like to join us for an incredible weekend, or if you have any questions, you can e-mail me at: [email protected]
or you can keep informed by watching the CTT forum on TacticalForums: http://www.tacticalforums.com

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I was in a bit of a rush when I made the last post, so I will try to be a little more specific in this post.

We have found the perfect place to host Knifegnugen, an old abandoned rock quarry (which we affectionately call Dog Henge) in the national forest. It is big and it is deep, so it offers some protection from the elements. It has one large wash that runs next to the quarry, and a rather deep ravine that is a few minutes walking distance away. There are lots of trees and bushes, large rock outcroppings, and a night sky to die for.

Knifegnugen (K-day) will run three days this year, two of them dedicated to shooting events, which I will elaborate on later.

How much:
$125.00 for those wishing to compete.
(That averages out to only $41.66 per day)
$75.00 for non-participants over the age of 12.
Children 12 and under are free.
We have to limit the number of people (including children and staff) to no more than 100, although we expect to see 60-75 this year.

What to bring:
A tent, and warm sleeping bags.
Warm clothes for evening.
Boots are the recommended footwear.
Guns and knives if you have them.
Plenty of ammo.
Desire to have FUN!

The weather:
Warm throughout the day, but some 40 degrees colder at night. (We are in the desert at about 4000 ft.)

Food and Beverage:
We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are a variety of snacks available any time, and an assortment of hot and cold beverages.

Ammenities include:
Clean toilets (we truck in the type of out-houses used by construction crews).
Sinks with fresh water and a counter for your sundries.
Tent for solar showers (I'm still working on this).
A large 20'X 30' tent for dining
A large 20'X 30' tent for training/demos
A pavilion tent behind the shooting range
2 Large water tanks trucked in.

Other tidbits:
A huge bonfire pit and "dance floor" in a protected area.
A live band, Mudd Bone! (Saturday night)
Lots of cool prizes including a Mad Dog Saxon Short Sword (the WOTY award)!

The purchase of T-shirts and numbered Knifegnugen Knives help us to finance this shindig, so please feel free to buy them as soon as possible.

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Last year, Shannon Lew organized an incredible timed carbine competition shoot:

The participants were shown a map of the course, but they were not allowed to actually see it until it was their turn to shoot.
The waiting area was staged behind the pavillion.

Shooters first had to run up and shoot 4 targets from about 10 feet away.

They then had to move to cover and shoot from under a box shaped enclosure, through a slit in the box. The targets were several yards down range and were mixed with "non-targets". What made this a bit more interesting is that not all of the targets were directly in front of the shooter. One was on the other side of a rise and not easy to spot unless you were looking for it from the perspective of the slit in the box.
Looking for the last target got some of the shooters a bit nervous and added the element of stress to the game.

From there, the shooter moved to another point of cover down range from the previous position. They had to hide behind a wall that had a 1 foot square hole cut into it at ground level.
The shooter had to first uncover the hole (there was a cinder block in the way) and hit the target several yards away while in the prone position. There was carpeting to lay on, but it also served another purpose...

Then they had to find the "unfamiliar gun" which was an old russian (I think) rifle that no one had ever seen before, much less shot. The unloaded rifle was hidden under the carpeting along with several rounds of ammo. The shooter had to load the rifle and hit the target before the clock was stopped. Talk about pressure!

Shannon says he has some more ideas to goose up this years carbine shoot. It should be interesting.

I notice that a gentleman was looking for fellow pin shooters on another thread. Bubba will be set up a pin shoot as one of the K-day competitions. I've been collecting pins, but if you come and would like to bring more, we would appreciate it.

Steve McCallaugh organized last year's long range rifle shoot. I think he is planning to do it again this year.

The airsoft war was a real hoot. We had a couple of young ladies participate in that one. One gal was a bit intimidated by all of the "Rambos" running around, so she hid in a bush and shot from there as her targets ran by. She ended up winning!

There are many more competitions, and I'll post them as I get more information.

Knifegnugen is a participatory event, and we encourage people to get involved and organize/set up their favorite competiton to add to the festivities.
If you want to come and set up a competition, e-mail me with details of your event and we will arrange to fit it into the schedule (provided it does not conflict with a game we already have planned).

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I forgot to mention our children's events!

They will be busy with programs of their own, which will be supervised by adults.
We have a huge 4'X 8' puppet theatre, and lots of fun puppets to keep them entertained.
Then there is a real treasure hunt, and buried treasure that they have to dig up.
Last year, each child got their own sportsman's kit, which I hope to find at a reasonable price this year. It included a set of real walkie-talkies, binoculars, a compass, whistle, and canteen in a sling sack.
The kids will each get a canvas bag in which to keep their booty, and they paint them so there is no mistaking ownership.

This year, I hope to conduct one of the NRA youth shooting camp programs on the first day.

I am also planning on tie-dying T-shirts on one day. That is always fun for the kids.

If anyone has more ideas to suggest for other children's activities, I'm all ears.

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A quick post about our knife - actually anything sharp and pointy, we allow for a VERY broad definition - events.

We try to have a selection of fun but serious knife related games. We also have some that are less serious.
We will have a knife throwing competition, a speed and acuracy while stabbing a numbered target event, and I am planning an obsticle competition.
There is always the requisite cutting and chopping competitions to look forward to.
One of Kevin's favorite games is to shave a balloon (covered with shaving foam) with a razor sharp blade.

We will have other more loosely related events like archery, darts, and even an atlatl competition!

Again, if you have a terrific idea for a fun competition, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Besides meeting people, playing games, and having a terrific time, another BIG reason to come to Knifegnugen is a chance at all those the PRIZES!

The WOTY Award (Warrior of the Year) is a Mad Dog Saxon Short Sword. I'll try to arrange for a picture to be posted.
The Saxon is presented to it's new owner on Saturday night.
This sword retails for $2700.00!

We will also present a Mad Dog ATAK to the second place winner, and another Mad Dog knife (to be determined) to the third and forth place winners.

I am still collecting prizes, but to give you an idea of what to expect, the following prizes were given away last year.

Autographed copies of three Rogue Warrior books
Autographed copies of Boston's "Gun Bible"
Chris Reeves Sebenza
Emerson Commander
MD Labs holsters
2 Airsoft guns w/ fitted GunGlove holsters
pair of Canadian Spec forces snow shoes
a set of Talk Abouts

This is all I can remember off the top of my head.
As you can see, there is a lot to go around.
I'll post this years prizes as I get them.

I hope this peeks your interest...

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I realize you guys are big on pictures, so here is a link to pictures of Knifegnugen 2000 (as well as 98 and 99) on Bubba's website.


"Day 2, Competition" shows thumbnail pics (the first four rows) of the carbine shoot that Shannon Lew set up. I think it was everyone's favorite event last year!
You can see the box with the slit on one side from which you had to shoot at targets (not all of the figures were targets) directly in front of you and on the other side of a hillock (much more difficult to see).
You can also see the wall with the hole in it at ground level through which participants had to shoot. This was the same postition from which the shooters had to find (under the carpeting), load, and shoot at the same target with an "unfamilar" gun.

Day 2 shows additional pics of some of the other shooting competitions.

Day 3 shows four pics of the long range rifle competition and a couple pics of Keith receiving the Mad Dog Saxon Short Sword as the WOTY Award (Warrior of the Year).

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