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Les Baer 9x23?

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Has anybody seen one of these? Owned one? Shot one? Especially intrested in the opinions of the smiths on the board who make these things for a living. I want to know if Les is doing them right. :wink: Specifically the Premier II.

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147 grain @ 1400 :eek:

Have used the Lapua brass in the 338Lapua, man, it is good quality stuff. Lapua is stretching its legs in the brass market again...looking forward to their 6.5x284 offering, can't be at a worse price point than Norma. Talk about goofing, Winchester makes 284 brass, that about 98% of the folks shooting the 6.5 now use...but for whatever reason, they just won't size it to 6.5 from the factory. If they did, Norma might not sell a single piece in that caliber. Must say though, the Norma stuff now is a very uniform weight.

Very interested in your Lapua project Dane, keep posting on it!
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