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Les Baer 9x23?

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Has anybody seen one of these? Owned one? Shot one? Especially intrested in the opinions of the smiths on the board who make these things for a living. I want to know if Les is doing them right. :wink: Specifically the Premier II.

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I got this reply from the folks at "Les Baer Custom" a few weeks ago and it is on this very subject, so I will paste a copy of the eMail as is and would like any and all feedback as I am getting ready to order a 9x23, but have not made up my mind as from whom to order it.

My eMail;
At 07:35 AM 6/9/01 -0500, you wrote:
Hello Angie & Brenda,
As I am planing on ordering a new Les Baer 1.5" Premier II in the next 60 days, I have a few questions. I need to find out just what Les will build and won't.

Does Les build Pistols NOT listed in his Catalog ergo "Custom" 1911s?

If he does, then I think the best way to do this is on a Pistol to Pistol bases,

#1 Premier II "Two Tone" 9x23mm, Stainless Steel Frame, Blue Steel Slide. (This is what I really want)

#2 Premier II "Two Tone" 9x23mm, Hard Chrome Frame and Blue Steel Slide.

#3 Premier II 9x23mm, Hard Chrome,

All of the above Pistols are to be 1.5", NIGHT SIGHTs installed, Tactical Package BUT NO AMBI or Wide Thumb Safety, only Extended Tactical (Long Narrow Style).

Frank Sottile

Wimberley, Texas 78676-3354
Their reply;
--Dear Frank:

Thanks for the inquiry. We can take various models of our 1911 and customize per a customers request (within reason). Of the models you are looking for and the request for the 1-1/2" groups @ 50, we would be able to do #2 or #3. First off, we do not do the 1-1/2" groups or 9X23 caliber on any of the stainless steel pistols and that is why I omitted your choice of #1.

For the Premier II, 9X23 the pricing would be as folows:

Premier II, 9X23.......................$1649.00

1-1/2" groups @ 50 yards............... 295.00

Hard Chrome Frame & Blue Slide......... 150.00 (Frame & Small Parts)

Install Night Sights Front & Rear...... 85.00

Single Sided Safety Tactical........... N/C

Premier II, 9X23 Hard Chrome complete pistol.

Pricing same as above but add $200.00 to hard chrome the complete pistol.

Delivery: Approximately 12-16 Weeks from the date of deposit. (50%) Specify all above items when placing the order through a licensed dealer.

Thanks again for the inquiry and if you need any additional information, please feel free to call or e-mail our office.

From what I have read about Les on this Forum, the more I am thinking of ordering this 1911 from Dane Burns or Ed Brown instead. - Thanks to all for their help in this matter.

BTW - any feedback on Ed Brown?

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On 2001-06-22 23:24, David DiFabio wrote:
I placed an order in December for a Premier 2 in 9x23, I am still waiting.
Did you ever get this pistol?


Molon Labe

eMail:[email:39oqr99u][email protected][/email:39oqr99u]

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That sound nice, too bad it took 7 (SEVEN) Months to get it. Ed Brown says he can do it in 60 to 90 Days, as I am getting my "Green Stamps" in order and getting ready to place any order myself with Ed Brown for a 5" Class A Ltd., Two-Tone in 9x23mm. Ed even said he would build one in a 4.25", if I like but was not too hot on the idea.

From an eMail;
I don't think a 9x23 in a 4.25" barrel is a good choice, but we would build one if you want. A 9x23 might be reliable, but the muzzle blast would be terrible. We can do a supported barrel if you want. -Ed.
What do you think?

eMail:[email:2wzghcmv][email protected][/email:2wzghcmv]

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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9x23 Slide & Frame, NOT a compleat Pistol?

I have seen 38 Super Slide & Frame Sets (Fitted & Numbered) listed in Brownell's Catalog, but never a true 9x23.

It was my understanding, that the SAME Slide is used for 38 Super, 9x19 & 9x23. Am I right?
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